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Da conjure:


To the ritual knowledge of remembering is a curatorial project led by artist and community healer Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson as part of an online curation residency with 12ø collective. Bringing together artists, healers and practitioners of diverse disciplines, backgrounds and realities together to co-create an audacious programme of sessions towards the body, ancestral memory,  land/ nature/ earth. To liberate creative healing - spiritual practices - transformative interconnected actions towards decolonised just Future(s). 


This feeling space, speculative project, digital archive, workshop-communing programme is a collective liberation portal. The nurturing of a community space to gather, feel into the knowns and unknowns and free our energy-minds-spirits to the healing justice of our creation. It also serves as an online extension and reimagining of their work on Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson’s 3 day immersive artist retreat: ‘DIY: 2019 – To The Ritual Knowledge Of Remembering’, a temporary community exploring the body, ancestral memory and the land. Supported by LADA,  Diverse Actions  and ]performance s p a c e [ 


Lateisha’s enquiry, practice and organising aims to visibilise the collective call from the earth to remember. 

To remember.

To remember.

To remember.


A site that centres the energy, bodies, practices and survivals of BIPOC and queer trans ecologies // radical dharma // anti-colonial WoC QTBIPOC lead organising frameworks // indigenous prophetic traditions // the truth of the cosmos // nonlinear time // the elders // fucking with dimensions // pleasure activism // interconnected liberatory practices // decoloniality as embodied social justice // silence into action // failure // legacy // intimacy + vulnerability as pathways onto collective liberation // healing justice // prophecy - spiritual work // transformative justice // modalities in antithesis to the violence of white cis-het ableist capitilist opression // freedom


To return.

To love.

about 12ø and Curation Residency


12ø is a collective based in London, motivated by interesting processes rather than shiny exhibitions. We create projects that exploit the gaps in our knowledge and our eagerness to learn. We are striving to create a programme that promotes, challenges and encourages artistic practice in all its manifestations rather than just points for the CV. Current members include Kelly Lloyd, Lou Macnamara and Eva Duerden. 


The 12ø Curation Residency is an opportunity to gain curatorial experience in a supported environment to develop an experimental project idea. Selected through open call, it is a test ground for practitioners to try new curatorial approaches and develop their skills to engage audiences in art, beyond traditional forms of exhibition making. 

Curators currently serve as gatekeepers within the culture industries. There is a narrow demographic of people who access these positions while the culture sector remains inaccessible to many people. For this reason the Residency’s specific eligibility criteria is for applicants who face barriers to the culture industry because of ableism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and/or classism.

image credit: sara lima
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