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image credit: Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson

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< an invitation // to enter // how do we home page a portal? >

a collective liberation portal // art is prophecy //


You, are here. welcome.

Thank you for arriving.

For searching in-out this portal. Following links, reconfiguring time-zones and time-frames, following a feeling. Thank you, for saying yes. To the the awakened arrival of the old-ways... ancestral ways of being. For bringing yourself to this a space. A portal. Towards our collective liberation.  

This speculative project is a call to action. Exploring our relationship to our body/ies, ancestral memory / collective consciousness and our relationship to land, water - Earth. To the universe.


This speculative project is to liberate, to visibilise, to share creative - communal - actions towards a Decolonised Future. To reconnect to the intimate knowledge of our being. That our unbound imaginations, are Freedom. And to organise around this knowing... this social-cultural apparatus we need to transform this world.  To heal. In our global context of yt supremacist colonial hetero patriarchy  this is nothing short of a radical act.

This speculative project is a growing space, a messy unfinished dimension, an unapologetic resource to connect to ourselves, each other and the world(s) within and around. Bringing artists, practitioners, community healers together as guides and elders. 

This speculative project, is created by Lateisha Davine Lovelace-Hanson as part of a curation residency with 12ø collective.

To call in, create and channel something

A future of our making

A future of our imaginations

A future of .... futures

for it is ours,

Lateisha x

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